Why Study Event Management

Why Study Event Management

Considering a career in events?

Are you keen to pursue your studies in event management?

Then you’re definitely in the right place!

Whether you’re a soon-to-be high school graduate trying to pin down what you’d like to do with the rest of your life, or a seasoned professional considering making a lane change, a career in the events industry is a great career path to consider!

A rewarding industry to work in, the events industry may just be the perfect fit for you, and if you want to know more, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ll clear up some common misconceptions about event management, talk you through the pros and cons of getting involved in the industry, and even give you a step by step guide to getting your foot in the door in the events industry!

5 Reasons To Study Event Management: 

1. It’s a Growing Industry

Experience is king in the 21st  century and people are increasingly spending their money on experiences as opposed to material goods.

As a result, the events industry is booming! Get your foot in the door and ride this wave while you can – now is the time to be making a name for yourself that will ensure your success for years to come!

The growing public interest in throwing lavish parties and hiring events managers means that this once incredibly competitive market now has more than enough work to go around for those trained professionals who can pull off a flawless event.

NSW Institute of Education and Training can help you become one of those sought-after professionals through the Diploma of Event Management.

2. The Events Industry is Your Oyster

Don’t want to be an events manager or event coordinator, don’t worry, you can still be involved in this amazing industry!

Whether you have a head for financials and want to go into budget development and be a financial controller, or like to be more hands on and want to go into set-up and event design, there is a role in this industry to suit each and every individual’s unique talents and preferences.

3. Travel

Travel is part and parcel of this industry – whether it means travelling locally, nationally, or internationally will depend on the industry sector you get into and your individual clients but travel is a given.

From site visits to coordination meetings to planning and being flown in to manage and coordinate destination events, if you’d love to see even a small part of the world while being paid to do it, the events industry is definitely an industry you should consider breaking into!

4. The Work is Rewarding

How many working professionals in other industries get to see a project through from inception to final execution?

Most industries rely on compartmentalizing structures and those who work on projects rarely get to see them through from beginning to end as they come in to complete their task before having to hand off the project again to the next person in the metaphorical production line.

When you work in the events industry, that doesn’t need to be the case, and you can’t underestimate the unique rewarding feeling of being able to see a project through from brainstorming to the finish line.

5. Everyday is Different

An event management career is many things, but it’s never boring!

Each and every project, and each and every day, will bring with it unique challenges, new people and new places you will need to navigate.

Not a career for the faint of heart, a career in the events industry is uniquely rewarding especially to those of us who love change, and thrive on variety in the workplace.

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